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Point Counterpoint - Terps

Opinion of the Month : The Lowly Terps
Brought to you by Dave & Buster (no, not the restaurant owners.......I                 don't think?!)

               Sixftnine: How bout those Terps, huh? Ever since that Duke
               debacle, they seem to have closed shop. They are now tied for 3rd in the
               conference with 4 other teams, so they are 1 game away from being in
               6th. All of a sudden, they are no longer a lock for the tourny. Whats
               up with that?

               Buster: Gary Williams and Lefty have a lot in common. Both of
               them get talented players, both of them get outcoached on a regular
               basis, their players generally fall of the face of the earth after they are
               done playing.  I stopped watching Maryland after the Duke game. 
               My heart and the walls in my house can't take that kind of bullshit! I
               think that Maryland has the talent to play with any team in the country
               they just aren't coached well enough to play smart, fundamental
               basketball for an entire game. They should have beat UNC and they
               should have beat Duke, but instead they beat themselves in both
               games. I think that the worst part of Maryland is that it's pretty much
               up to the players to improve their games over the course of their
               carreers.  Williams doesn't doesn't do anything to develop the.  If he
               did they'd be winning against better competition.  If UNC or Duke
               had Mardesech or Morris those guys would be much better players
               then they are now.

               Dave: Exactly.  Mardesich is as good now as he was when he was a
               freshman. Morris is probably worse now then he was when he was a
               freshman.  I think Morris looked better then he really was back then
               cause he was probably about the 4th or 5th option so he nobbody
               really paid attention to him.  If Mardesich had gone to Carolina, he'd
               definitely be a contributor. In my opinion, Carolina seems to develop
               their big guys better then anybody. Serge Zwikker was terrible when
               he was a freshman and by his senior year he was averaging double
               digits in pts. and probably 7 rebounds a game. He wasn't great but he
               definitely made strides during his 4 yrs there. Haywood is the same
               too. He barely saw the floor as a freshman and now he's the first
               Carolina player ever to record a triple double - since I think equaled
               by Jason Capel.  UNC seems to always have some huge young
               guys who barely contribute their freshman year but by the time their
               seniors they average double digits and shoot about 65% from the
               floor, not to mention shooting 70% from the free throw line. I thought
               Mardesich had a good freshman year and contributed much more
               then the above Carolina big man I referred to, but now he contributes
               the same or even less while Haywood is one of the better big men in
               the country. I mean Haywood's not great but he's gotten so much
               better over his career.  He hit 2 free throws at Duke with 1.3 seconds
               left in the game to beat Duke - think Mardesich would make those
               free throws in a similar situation.....I doubt it.

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