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OD Golf League Rules

1. Play will be from the blue tees.
2. We will play normal USGA rules except for the following;
-play a lost ball as a lateral hazard at the point where it entered
trees, long grass, etc.
-max score on a hole is twice par for that hole
-you can concede your opponents short putts
-play your ball as it lies, except if its in a divot in your own
fairway, then you can drop it within one clublength.
3. League handicaps will be maintained and updated weekly.
4. Each match will be played match play (hole-by-hole), and there will
be a total of 9 points per match or one per hole.
The net, best ball of each team will be used and the winner of each hole
will get a point. If a hole is tied, each team will get 1/2 point.
Handicaps will be based on the lowest handicap in each foursome. For example
Team #1
Player A - 4 handicap
Player B - 8 handicap - will get 4 strokes
Team #2
Player A - 5 handicap - will get 1 stroke
Player B - 10 handicap - will get 6 strokes

Strokes will be assigned by the handicap assignments on the scorecard.
5. It is each teams responsibility to get a sub if you can't be there. I
will put out a list of guys that can play as a sub.
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