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Baseball Umpires

             Is it just me, or are the baseball umps stupid?

               If ever a group should think about firing their leader, this is the one.
             Richie Phillips is the head of the Umpires Union. Obviously this guy previously never had to
             make a harder decision than safe or out.

             Let's  recap: Umpires are mad because owners want them to call the strike zone the way it is
             written in the rule book. (Astounding!) (See commentary on NBA and the rule book)
             Umpires are also mad because of the usual stuff, not enough money, benefits, etc....

             So here is Richies strategy:
             Last contract negotiation, Richie and crew agreed to a no-strike clause, so instead of
             striking (which would be illegal) they decide to resign en masse to prompt a renegotiation of
             that poorly conceived contract. (Keep in mind that the bad contract was one that they
             agreed to)
             Well baseball takes their threat and says, "OK, when is your last day"
             At this point Richie is stupid (Oh, he was alreay that) and pissed.
             By the way, some of the umpires were smart enough not to go  along with this ill advised
             plan and did not lose their jobs.

             So Richie sues the league because the league accepted the resignations.
             Really, .......its as stupid as it sounds.
             Well a judge yesterday said "Richie, you're  an idiot". OK, maybe not that exactly, but the
             bottom line is that 22 of the umps who resigned.........were allowed to resign!
             Believe it or not, it took a federal judge to determine that!

             I'm guessing, that being a Major League baseball ump (aside from wearing too many  clothes
             in the heat of summer) is not a bad job. Oh Well!

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