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2002 Winter Olympics

Figure Skating controversy - There was a controversy yesterday at the Salt Lake City Winter Games. It involved figure skating and a Canadian team, which everyone thought should have won... and a Russian team which did win. Now, a couple of key points to make here. What the hell was anyone doing watching god-forsaken figure skating when there was a great, overtime hoops game going on between Kansas and Texas on ESPN?!? Secondly, who really cares because Figure Skating isn't a damn sport anyway! (See previous opinion on this matter). Bottom line, you go to the ice capades to see some cool ice skating tricks and Yogi Bear on ice, etc. If they want to have an Ice Capades going on during the Winter Olympics, fine. Lots of people seem to like watching it. But it, and any other "sport" which rely on a judge or judges to determine a winner purely based on their opinions, isn't worth getting all fired up about. I happen to be bored by skating, but I do like the half-pipe (can't believe I said that!), but same story. Its an exhibition of some amazing tricks and athletic ability. Doesn't mean it should be an Olympic medal event. When is the hockey?

Footnote: In the Mens Figure Skating, Micheal Weiss has to skate first out of 29 skaters (random draw). I heard him interviewed and he said its a big disadvantage to skate first because even if you skate well the judges have to leave room in their scoring for the next 28 skaters. In other words they can't score you too high, because what if someone skates better. Enough said.....EXCEPT, see Michael Wilbon's article in todays Washington Post. Here's a quote from his article: "My position is that any event in which the outcome is determined exclusively by judging ain't a sport". Is Wilbon reading the sixftnine web site???

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